Wednesday 7 May 2008

The biggest disadvantage to a coffee machine at home...

... is the period while you adapt to having a coffee machine at home.

The one where you learn when not to drink coffee.

The same one where you end up awake at 6am because you just had to get a cup of delicious, tasteful, awesomely scented java after dinner.

Live and learn...

Friday 2 May 2008

Python, windows, sockets and Ctrl-c

One of the minor annoyances of python on windows has to do with the sockets' blocking behavior.

Python's libs have several implementations of simple server loops, where the server listens for connections or specific requests and passes it on to a handler function on your code. To do so, the server blocks on an accept or read. Which, on Windows, means you can't ctrl-c out of a server process to test a code change.

To get around this little quirk I found a small workaround. We need two tools:

  • PsKill to kill the python process

Stick an infinite loop outside the python script (like this "while (1) { }"). Now, open another command prompt (I use Console for managing those) and, when you want to reload the server, just run "pskill python". Sadly this kills all python sessions currently running, which may not be what you want. But for now it works well enough.