Sunday 24 January 2010

OCD and filenames, as pertaining to TV series

I like all my file names to be similar, and this applies to both mp3 and series. For mp3 I use the wonderful foobar2k to tag and rename files, but for series I ended up coding my own formatter. All this assumes a linux system (as is my home server, flatline)
First of all, to extract the video files from the rars:

find -name "*rar" -type f -exec rar e {} \;
This extracts all rars from under the current directory (and subdirectory) into the working directory.
If the files already come uncompressed, but are in subdirectories:
find -name "*mkv" -type f -exec mv {} . \;
Replace mkv with avi if that's what you've got.
Now, sometimes the files come in different formats. Some have [season][episode], others [season]x[episode], and I'd like for them all to be in the same [title]S[season]E[episode] format.
For that all you need is the following python script:

It can take 2 arguments: the directory where the file names are, and a title that overrides the one found in the file names. Hope this is helpful for someone else :)

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