Monday 28 April 2008

My personal list of must-install apps

For the umpteenth time I re-installed windows today on armitage (my desktop). For the first time I did it from a flash drive, since my dvd reader was on the fritz. I considered buying a new one, but after spending quite a lot upgrading the computer, I felt some effort could be spent in trying out the usb method. Much to my amazement it turned out to be quite easy. This link explained everything, and is actually quite straightforward. But that's not the point here, this is:


Small application which allows one computer to control many via the network. A godsend for us with both laptop and desktop, an a desire to have more screens than a stock market analyst.


Kill ring for windows. Before, I had to remember to get a notepad window, paste the clipboard I wanted to use afterwards, copy something, go back to notepad, rinse, wash, repeat. How in the 9 circles of hell did I live like that I don't know. But now that way is no more. ClipX remembers the copy operations you make, and has a pretty intuitive way to go back and forth.


I understand the need for a start menu. I just don't understand why must I use it every single time I want to open a browser, visual studio or anything else. This one takes care of that. Not as good as Quicksilver, but it's good enough for me not to rip out my eyeballs out while trying to get stuff done.


The sanest virtual desktop manager for windows. Works extremely well almost all the time, and stays out of your way.

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