Tuesday 2 September 2008

v1.1 of BuxferSubmit

For the impatient:

New version. Should not freeze if Buxfer is slow to respond or if you forget to plug in the cable. Also some better handling of special characters while talking to the server.

Download here.

For the curious:

Buxfer seemed to have had a bit of trouble with site slowness, which exposed my cluelessness in developing widgets that connect to web services (as in, forgot to consider timeouts of XMLHttpRequests).

I was a bit amazed to find neither much info on Apple's site nor on the web on how to best handle these problems. Ended up just setting a timeout before the request, clearing it on success and canceling the request should the timeout happen. Perhaps I should look into a javascript library such as mochikit or jquery to help with the heavy lifting.

Also, most of the code feels to me a bit fragile. The error handling is primitive, and the fact that the request is async makes me a bit queasy. I'll chalk that up to immaturity on my part in developing in javascript, but I hope to have the time to refactor it a bit.

As I said before, the code is up on google code, so feel free to browse around, all three of you who are reading this :)

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Stan said...

I'm real excited about your work! I have a copy of your latest widget release with some changes to implement keychain support. If you're interested in the code drop me a line at stosh one nine eight five at gmail dot com. Thanks again!