Friday 17 October 2008

Unexpected change

Got home at 11pm. General slouch mode before bedtime engaged. Open firefox for one last news feed round and look at a large change on iGoogle.

My iGoogle page is "designed" to fit on one 20" screen at 1650x1050 or thereabouts. I want to open it, scan it quickly for any big news and move on. Now it takes two screens with a short description for each feed item (as most of the widgets are based on newspapers and tv channels' feeds), which kind of defeats the purpose. Also, the tabs moved to the left, which may be a good option for today's wide screens, but looks a bit odd having lots of negative space on a vertical bar.

Thankfully a quick trip to the tab's settings shows me a way to remove the new feed behavior and return the page to a more sane, no scroll, quick scan mode. It also shows a manual backup for the iGoogle page, and export settings. May pay someday to add these settings to the backup jobs at home.

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